Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sister Brey & Sister Stevenette - Brandon, Winnipeg, CANADA

1. How are you and Sister Stevenette getting along (she's adorable)
We get along great!!! Hahaha we are the same person... kinda crazy!! She is completely adorable!

2. What has your week been like? Do you do more investigator lessons or re-activation visits?
Holy it has been a crazy week. Our indicators for this week were 4 investigator lessons, 1 with a member present, lessons with recent converts, and 2 less active lessons this week!! BUT we spent all pday with those members harvesting potatoes and eating homemade cafe rio. SO yumma!!

3. Have you done any service this week?
So much service. We did the potatoes monday, we went to the soup kitchen wednesday. and we planted trees in the park with the city on saturday!!

4.What was your favorite day this week and why?
My favorite day this week was thursday. It was zone conference. So all of the missionaries in Manitoba and Ontario(in our mission..haha) came together and Elder Renlund of the 70 came.

5. How is driving going? Do you have a GPS? do you ever get lost?
Driving is alright. hahah we only get an allotment of K's each month and ours for his month was 1960 because we drove to winnipeg twice. But then we drove out of town to spend time with the members and now are left with like 300 for the rest of this month!!!! hhahahah We actually use paper maps...

6. What was your best lesson this week and why? 
Best lesson, was with a recent converts son. He is 18 and LOVES when the sisters come over.. hahah so his mom always teases him about us and we always play along but the other day I decided I would let him know how I really felt about the church and how I came to know for myself. It was very spiritual.

7.  Did you learn anything new about Canada or Winnipeg?
I dont really learn much about winnipeg or Canada... hahaha

8. Did you meet anyone new that stuck out in your mind or had an impression on you? 
We meet some very amazing people. My companion is definitely someone I admire. She works hard and she has worked very hard to get here. I love her!!!

9. Do you meet with your Zone Leaders? Who do you go to if you need advice or support?
We dont meet with our zone leaders very often but funny you ask they are coming to district meeting this week. We are the only sisters in our entire zone!! haha But I really like our zone leaders. We just got a new one. But we see our district leader almost every day.

10. Best and worst meals?
best meal.. this question is always hard for me.. haha I dont really remember what I ate.

11. Favorite scripture or talk for this week?
Alright favorite spiritual for the week. Elder Renlund came for zone conference. It was amazing and I learned so much. A few points I wanted to share with you.
~To have faith we need to continually work for it. Our faith CANNOT plateau or we are not doing what God has asked us to do.
~There is healing from taking the sacrament each week in the right way. In the right way meaning we are focusing our thoughts on Christ and we remember what the sacrament represents.
~The church is only the Atonement delivery system, you have to do something with it.

12.  Someone you heard from that surprised you or made you happy?
KURTO!!!!! :)

13. Anyone you are thinking of and want me to contact?
How is Karrie Gomez? and How is Austin Stewart?

14. Do you feel all the prayers that are said on your behalf? Do you feel calm and protected?
I absolutely feel the prayers. Everyday I feel so protected. It is an amazing feeling being a missionary.

15. Have you had anything scary or unsettling happen?
Honestly we go into some freaky houses but I know we are protected and God will always warn us. and he has :)

16. Is there anything we can do for you?
Just prayers. and seeing if you can help the missionaries in the area. and also DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT YOUR RELIGION EVER!!!!!! This is the members work, the missionaries are just here to assist :)
Much Love,

Sister Brey

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