Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Goodbye MTC....I'm heading to Canada

Sister Brey's update - 
Tuesday July 21, 2015

Yay for dad and work!!! I am so happy he got a new office, WITH WINDOWS!!! hahaha I love Landmark!! 

Shoutout to Jodi for the cookies!! She rocks and they were delicious!!

Happy Birthday to Elder Edman tomorrow!!! 

And also Diane later this week:)

I'm sure Seth's farewell was amazing. He is going to be the best missionary!!! Ive been thinking about the guys a lot. They will change lives!!

Jealous of the work parties this week!!!

We had a district devotional on Sunday. We all cried and I already miss them.

Good luck to Susan this week!!! 

AJ and Brette - I cant wait to see engagements!! Mandi will rock it!!

I was not ready to say bye to my district. They are amazing and I miss them already. Gosh I seriously never thought i could love strangers so much!! Some of the Sisters and Elders are already my best friends!!

Questions from MOM:
How did you feel when we dropped you off at the MTC?When i walked away I was sad but knew I was going into one of the greatest experiences of my life!!

What was the first thing you did? first thing I did was get my tag and go to class!!!

What was your first new? I dont even remember my first meal!!

What has been the best meal? The food here is awesome and ive probably gained 5 lbs. (don't tell anyone hahaha)

Who are your roommates? roommates, sister buckley from bountiful and sister erickson from starvalley wyoming both left this morning to florida fort lauderdale 
my comp is going to cwm same day too

Is there a class that you've lived? I loved my teachers so every class was awesome!!

Are Sundays hard? first sunday was great!!! after sunday time flies!!

Favorite scripture of the week? WOW anything. But D&C 121:7-9 is really awesome!!

Next Pday will be in Canada. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. 

Love you all!

Sister Brey

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